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Long ago, I talked with a nice girl in an online chatroom. We didn't meet for a long time, but I had a clear sense that for some reason I needed to maintain the relationship with her.

Years later, my wife, teary-eyed expressed her longing for a cat to me. I realised that her longing was of the intensity and depth that it simply was not possible for me to love her, and stand in the way of this longing.

We went to meet many different cats, but it became clear that my wife was severely allergic, and none of them could come live with us.

Moses the MAU

Then I remembered the girl from long ago. I remembered she was a passionate breeder of some special looking cat species and I contacted her. 

Long story short: we drove north to where the breeder lived, and some time after, we drove south with Moses in our car. 😼

Moses is an Egyptian Mau, born in December 2018 in CatnMausCattery.

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